International Women’s Day – Meet the Founders of Style Dots!

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What do you get when you take women with a dream coupled with the drive and determination to bring that dream to life?  Find out when you read about the Founders of Style Dots!

This is about women who discovered direct sales and quickly became leaders in their respective direct sales companies.  They earned free trips and many incentives. They rode to the top tiers of their companies and in doing so, saw the systems and mindsets necessary to make these businesses work.  Their paths converged when they joined the same company and attended a national conference. They met and became friends.

Over the years, they often talked about how they would run things if they ever started their own direct sales business.  They loved the idea of allowing others to experience the personal development and financial success that they had enjoyed in working their own direct sales businesses.  Then an opportunity presented itself. The concept of customizable snap jewelry seemed unique and ideal to them and since they had come from the field, they understood the needs of the sales force and the practices of a successful direct sales company.

So, they developed a business plan and began to present it to financiers.  To their surprise, they were met with opposition on many fronts.  They were told it would never work, that they would fail if they tried, that their friendship would not survive.  If anything, this made them more determined to succeed, more determined to prove the naysayers wrong.  They started with very little money, and very little product.  In fact, the Boutique Partners, as the new sales representatives were called, had only photos when they started.

Like many success stories, they first started working out of their home offices and a garage.  They presented the idea to friends and acquaintances who saw the potential this new product line offered and they soon joined.  The snap jewelry concept resonated so much with the newly recruited sales reps, that they, in turn, shared their enthusiasm with their friends, family and clients, and the business blossomed rapidly.   They quickly outgrew that original space and moved to a larger commercial unit.  In less than a year they had to move again to a larger, modern warehouse facility.

Boutique Partners representing teams from across the United States, recently attended a Style Dots National Conference to meet new friends, attend training sessions and celebrate everyone’s successes!

Today, Style Dots has emerged as a company that is innovative and always striving to improve everything; programs, incentives and, most of all, product, including their recent recessed snap foundation on which they now hold a patent.  Founders Gina Smith and Karen Green now lead the company with the help of a staff of proven professionals.  From the first Founding Boutique Partners, the number has grown and grown!.  From no catalog, to a modest 48-page catalog, to the current catalog almost double that size, and with a product line that is so on-trend, in demand and of a quality that has been upgraded significantly, Style Dots shows no signs of stopping!  As founder Karen Green says, “We get better with age!  This is our best year yet!