Can Your Jewelry Do This? – Holiday Edition

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by Carol K. McCarthy –


Can Your Jewelry Do This?

Can your jewelry transform from everyday wear to holiday flair?  From spring to summer to winter to fall?  From one outfit to another?  Ours can!  Who are we?  We’re Style Dots, the ideal, patented, interchangeable and customizable jewelry and accessory line that lets you change your look with just a snap!

Here’s how it works; choose the fashionable Style Dots Foundations you love – we have them in styles from classic to ornate and many in-between – then order a selection of Dots and let the interchanging begin!  With holidays coming up, you’re going to want to be ready to attend any celebratory events in the most coordinated looks possible. Style Dots helps you do that easily!

For everyday wear, the sky’s the limit for how many perfectly coordinating combinations you can create with your Style Dots pieces.  Choose the Foundations, Dots, Charms, Tassels or Drops for a quick, fast and fun way to accessorize to perfection any outfit you own.  With hundreds of Dots in a wide range of finishes, styles and designs, you’re sure to create the best look for each outfit you own.  Can your non-Style Dots jewelry do that?  We didn’t think so!

Customize Your Look For Any Holiday 

Christmas, New Year's and St. Valentine's Day banners are shown with gold necklaces and earrings with blue, gold or red Dots in them

Shown are our Gold Classic Single Necklace and matching Gold Classic Hoop Earrings. For Christmas we’ve added Blue Twinkle Original Dots. You’ll shine in the New Year when you snap in Firenze Gold Original Dots. Let your Love show on Valentine’s Day when you dress up your look with Red Emma Gold Original Dots.

For the upcoming Holiday celebrations, choose traditional red, green and white or, our favorite, blue and gold Dots, or our Exclusive Dots of the Month in Christmas themes (get these right away as our specialty Dots sell out quickly!).  New Year’s Eve is usually celebrated with decor in white, gold and black, sometimes in rather posh settings, so choose Dots to match this theme.  St. Valentine’s Day is filled with red hearts, red roses and red chocolate boxes.  Why not continue the red motif with some intriguing Dots in that passionate color? Then add the Dots to a sleek foundation such as our popular Classic Gold line.  The Classic look is also available in Silver and Rose Gold so you have even more choices!


Customize Your Look For Any Season

Square Necklaces and Earrings are shown with Aqua, American Flag and Coral Dots with title banners saying Summer, 4th of July and Fall.

The Aqua of summer waters and the action of the waves are reflected in the Aqua Finesse and Aqua Vintage Curl Square Dots shown in the Style Square Classic Necklace and Earrings. Show your Patriotic side by snapping in the Square Flag Dots and get ready for Fall by changing to the Coral Cecilia Square Dots.

For seasonal changes, look for softer pastels in Spring and the many shades of blue/green for Summer.  For Fourth of July Celebrations, get your Americana look on with our American Flag inspired Square Dots or with combinations of our red, white and blue Dots.  Fall brings with it colorful changes that you can reflect in your choice of Dots.  Choose vivid red, orange, yellow and brown even some muted green shades of Dots for your Fall jewelry wardrobe.  Choose our modern geometric Style Square Foundations and add brilliant Square Dots for a perfectly curated collection.  Or check out the vintage vibe of our Estate line or the glamorous Bling line for lots of sparkle!

Style Dots Keeps it Fresh!

Style Dots believes in keeping their collections fresh, relevant and fitting for the seasons and latest trends.  You’ll alway find the perfect jewelry match for every occasion on your calendar when you are able to put together a unique look with your Style Dots elements.  So, visit Style Dots today and let yourself dream up some wonderful combinations from our many offerings.  You’ll love showing off your fabulous fashion and the feeling of satisfaction you’ll get from always looking so chic and put-together.  Start (or add to!) your collection today!