It’s “Snow” Wonderful!

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by Carol K. McCarthy –


Nature offers us plenty of white all year long; white sand beaches, white fluffy clouds, white snow in winter.  Wouldn’t it follow that our wardrobes could mimic nature and that wearing white clothing and accessories would be perfectly acceptable year round?  Here at Style Dots we think that wearing white in winter is ‘Snow’ wonderful and it makes us wonder wherever did we get that silly notion that you can’t wear white after Labor Day?

No Wearing White Past Labor Day??

Sarah McDonald, a personal stylist and owner of Pivotal Style in Oklahoma City, says that fashion is “really supposed to be so much fun and it’s supposed to be a way to show your personality.” It’s not about someone dictating what colors you can wear and when. That antiquated rule about not wearing white past Labor Day was from the early 1900’s and has no bearing on today’s societal norms.  In fact, the rule was taken from an era where the population dressed only in dark colors for everyday work and lighter colors were reserved for summer vacations.  These days we are not limited to drab colors for work so it follows that lighter colored clothing is acceptable any time as well.  So, if you love white, don’t relegate your white clothes and accessories to the closet for six months of the year.  And, if someone tells you that you can’t wear white past Labor Day, tell them that the world of fashion would certainly disagree!  And so do we here at Style Dots! We say that winter white is just right!  Feast your eyes on these bright white looks that evoke images of sunshine and sparkly snow and you’ll agree with us that it’s wonderful to wear white in winter.



Shown are pearl necklaces and bracelets with white beads and Dots.

Shown are the Pearl Style Stacks Necklaces in long and short lengths, Interlinks Starter Bracelets, one with the Pearl Interlinks Bead Bar, one with an Interlinks Square Setting with a White Rosette Square Dot snapped in and a Pearl Style Stacks Bracelet.


Trendy White With Soft or Bold Looks! 

Many celebrities, including those who are regularly praised for their sense of personal style, have been spotted wearing white all throughout the year.  Join this growing trend by feeling free to pull out those white slacks, sweaters and boots and showing off this clean and fresh look to the world.  Did you know that white represents perfection and has such a fresh, clean appeal.  Most of us feel good when we wear white, even if it ‘isn’t our color’. Wearing white can give us a feeling of confidence, peace and calm!  Here are more bright looks we’ve put together that will help you look and feel your best when you wear them.



And just in case your jewelry blends in too much in that white-on-white ensemble, take advantage of the complete ability of your Style Dots Jewelry to be customized to coordinate with any outfit or to create a contrasting look instead!  One of the great things about accessorizing your white clothing is that all colors go great with white!  Pastel shades against white give a soft and subtle glow to your look, while bolder colors create that “Wow!” factor.  Here we give you examples (on a white background, of course!) of both soft and bold looks in some of our favorite shades.  We love all of these colors paired with white and we know you will too!


Silver necklaces are filled with pastel Dots in the top row and bolder color Dots in the bottom row.

All Original Dots are shown in the Classic Single Original Necklace. Pastel Dots in the top row are: Peridot Couture, Blue Topaz, Pink Anemone, Purple Druzy and Black Lauren. Bold shades of Dots on the bottom are: Emerald Classic Solitaire, Sapphire Classic Solitaire, Fuchsia Finesse, Amethyst Couture and Black Flame.