Five Colors You Must Consider For Your Upcoming Wedding

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Fashion mavens predict that these five colors will be the most sought after in this upcoming wedding season; be sure to consider these five shades when planning your ceremony!

Looking for some inspiration for choosing the color scheme for your upcoming wedding?  Following color trends will not only help you plan a gorgeous wedding, but since vendors stock items in trending colors, you’ll find all your wedding related items easily as well. Since Style Dots always follows color trends in their jewelry designs, you’ll find Dots in all the colors that will be so popular this wedding season. So, according to fashion experts, the colors you will see trending for 2019 weddings will be muted greens, shades of blue, soft rose, berry and gray.

  1. Since all shades of gray are trending in other markets such as house paint, furniture and home decor, it’s no wonder that gray is also going to be a big player on the wedding scene as well.  And since gray is considered a great neutral color, it pairs splendidly with any of the other trending colors in case you’d like to go for a duo color scheme.  On the Style Dots website, look for the soft Gray Pearl Dot .
  2. Soft Rose is actually a perennial favorite that just seems to continue in popularity as it is a delightfully romantic and feminine selection.  And, as an added advantage, you will be able to find just about any style bridesmaid dress in this lovely shade.  Choose the Pink Vintage Pearl Dot from Style Dots for a perfect match.

    Soft Rose is such a delightfully romantic and feminine color; it’s no wonder it remains a favorite choice year after year.


  3. Nature themes will be abounding in this year’s wedding decor, so it’s only natural that muted greens will be huge for bridesmaid dresses as well as wedding decor, stationery and accessories.  Try adding beiges or soft browns to compliment the theme.  The Olive Pearl or Green Rope Dots would be great choices for the greens, while the lustrous Brown Pearl Dots would be most complimentary.

    Colors taken from nature will abound in wedding color schemes for 2019. Muted greens, beiges and browns create such a serene look.


  4. A huge resurgence in all things Navy have taken the fashion world by storm.  Follow this trend by not only choosing Navy bridesmaid dresses, but also consider this classy color for the groomsmen’s tuxes.  As an added bonus, Navy works well in all seasons.  Adding the Natural Lapis or Blue Deco Dots to one of our necklaces would create a classic look for navy bridesmaid’s dresses.

    Shades of blue from light dusty blue to classic navy will be seen at many weddings this season, both for the bridesmaids as well as the groomsmen.


  5. The great thing about Berry being a trending color this year is that it comes in so many shades; from a brighter pink to a deeper wine hue.  This color adds a bit of drama and makes those wedding photos really stand out.  You’ll easily shop for wedding decor and accessories, from invitations to reception linens, in this pleasing color family, to create a coordinated look from start to finish. Try the Garnet Solitaire or Garnet Essence Dots to coordinate with dresses in this rich color.

Berry shades from light to dark add such a visual delight to wedding photos. Add matching ties for the groomsmen for a super coordinated look.


Your Style Dots jewelry lets you easily match any color you choose for your wedding, plus, the Necklace and Dot sets make perfect gifts for each of your attendants!  Want an even more complete look?  Add in a set of Style Dots Earrings with the same color Dots!  These gifts will be so appreciated by your friends as they will be able to wear them for many future occasions.  And, even better, these foundation pieces are completely customizable by snapping in different colors and styles of Dots.  Your friends will be able to coordinate their Style Dots jewelry to their outfits for years to come.

Style Dots offers a variety of necklace styles to display your choice of colorful Dots. You’re certain to find one that all your bridesmaids will love!


See a Necklace you love?  We also offer a White Classic Pearl Dot and a Diamond Classic Solitaire Dot that would make a perfect Bridal set for you.  Matching Earrings would complete your fabulous look on your special day.  See how Style Dots makes it easy for you to get all your wedding jewelry in one place! Have fun browsing the Style Dots site and you’ll soon have another item crossed off your bride’s to-do list, all the while knowing that you are choosing reasonably priced, quality jewelry that is perfectly on trend with this year’s wedding colors.