Trending Elements to Look for in Today’s Jewelry

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Wanting to update your jewelry wardrobe? Look for items that feature these trending elements so you can be on the cutting edge of today’s fashion.


Style Dots prides itself on offering jewelry that features the latest trends in the fashion world.  Many of these trendy features are actually time-proven favorites that are enjoying a new resurgence in popularity.  We’ve added them to some stylish new settings to create a fresh new look for your jewelry wardrobe.   Here are the trending elements that are the most exciting for today’s discerning women;

  1. Baguette Cut Crystals

Baguette cut crystals can serve as the architecture for an artistic design.  Long considered the bridesmaid of gems, baguettes are usually an accent and not the main player. They feature delicate step cuts that bring an Art Deco opulence to any setting. This design is perfect for those who appreciate artistic splendor.  We’ve placed our baguette crystals front and center on our Allure Earrings and Necklace and other Allure foundation pieces as well.

Large baguette cut crystals are so beguiling, who can resist their charm! The model is wearing the Allure Earrings with a Meadow Couture Dot snapped in (sold separately).

2. Infinity Links

The meaning behind an infinity necklace is actually quite beautiful; it symbolizes eternity and everlasting love.  Given its powerful meaning, infinity jewelry makes not only the perfect gift but also the perfect addition to your own collection.  Foundation pieces that feature infinity links are not only stylish but can be a keepsake or memento of your love and relationships. The most popular immortalization of the infinity symbol can be seen in the Style Dots Infinity Necklaces.

The Infinity symbol is artfully incorporated into our Infinity Drop Necklace. Add a Necklace Drop and Dot to create a look you love!

The Infinity symbol has been artfully incorporated into our Infinity Drop Necklace. Add on one of our Necklace Drops and your favorite Dot to create your own meaningful and unique look. Show is the Classic Statement Drop with a Pearl Essence Statement Dot. Model is also wearing the Pearl Crystal Necklace.

3. Chain Tassels

Tassels are a ton of fun! They accentuate natural movement beautifully and add both texture and length to jewelry fashions. Long associated with pageantry and wealth, tassels still evoke a feeling of confidence and beauty. Join the tassel craze with the Style Dots Bling Tassel Necklace, which features, as an added touch of elegance, a spaced beaded chain which is also trending in today’s jewelry!  Snap in just about any style or color of Dot that we offer to compliment the silver chains or your outfit.

Chain tassels are so swingy and chic; they add such an eye-catching element to your ensemble. Shown is the Bling Tassel Necklace with a Storm Couture Dot snapped in.


4. Inspirational Elements

Symbols have long been incorporated into jewelry design to give the pieces deeper meaning and significance in addition to the beauty they gave the wearer. Symbols of rank, title or associations have been common additions to jewelry made throughout the ages.  In today’s jewelry we see a trend of adding a cross as a symbol of faith.  Style Dots has designed the Bling Cross Necklace to create a piece that is both charming and meaningful.   By setting the cross in a unique side-canted position, we have made this piece more eye-catching.

Jewelry featuring meaningful symbols of faith and love are big in today’s fashion scene.  Here we’ve added a Desert Couture Dot to the Bling Cross Necklace .



While our Style Dots jewelry is spot-on with current trends, we don’t have the same old, ‘cookie cutter’ approach to jewelry.  By incorporating a Dot holder into each of our beautiful Foundation pieces – necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings – we offer you the opportunity to make each of these wonderful pieces uniquely yours.  Totally customizable, you can swap out the Dots in seconds and have a whole new look to show off, one that can match your outfit, occasion or even your mood!  With our large selection of Dots, you will have almost no limits to the combinations you can create, combinations that are trending, artistic and meaningful!


Shown are the Bling Tassel Necklace, Classic Infinity Necklace, Bling Cross Necklace and Allure Necklace with the following Dots (left to right); Aquamarine Classic Solitaire, Purple Spiral, Classic Pearl and Green Rope.  Simply swap out the Dots for entirely new looks!