Five Ways to Have You Layering Your Jewelry Like a Pro!

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Are you loving today’s trend of layering jewelry but are unsure how to pull it off?  At Style Dots we’ve created pieces that layer effortlessly!  We invite you to try some of the jewelry pairings we’ve put together or go with our layered design pieces to achieve this modern style when you accessorize your wardrobe. To help you get started layering like a pro, we offer you these great tips;

1. For the easiest and fastest way to have a layered look, choose a cleverly designed piece that incorporates multiple chains onto one clasp with a linking system.  These pieces have been chosen to work together in perfect proportion to each other and perfect spacing between pieces.

A single necklace gives the look of layering. Each necklace can be worn separately as an added option.

For fast and easy layering with a single clasp, that also offers multiple wearing options, choose our Gemma Hex Convertible Necklace. Necklaces can be worn separately too!

2. Keep your clothing uncomplicated – A patterned shirt or sweater might compete with your jewelry.  Think solid colors and smooth textures for your outfits (whether open neck or high neck) to help show off your layered pieces to their full splendor.  If you wear a print, pull colors from the design to coordinate your look.

We make layering easy by creating different length necklaces in each of our lines that go together beautifully.

Here we’ve layered the Pearl Convertible Drop Necklace with a Pearl Crystal Necklace for a pretty cascade. We’ve pulled the background color from the shirt by adding the Red Clematis Statement Dot. Many other Statement Dot options available!

3. Mixing different materials for impact – Wearing beads, crystals and charms together creates a fun and eclectic flair.

Have fun combining different sizes, shapes, materials and colors to add an extra degree of fashion fun to your style.

Here we’ve layered the sleek silver links of our Classic 3-Dot Toggle Bracelet and interchangeable Dots with the handcrafted multicolored beads of our Coral Give Back Bracelet for a very coordinated and very trendy layered look.

4. Feel free to mix metals – Silver, gold, rose gold, all work well together in today’s fashion world. Layering leather with metal is another chic pairing.

The silver and gold mixed metals in our Firenze Line goes perfectly with today’s layering trends. Here we create a layered look that incorporates mixed materials of leather, crystals and metals for an even more sophisticated style.

5.  Think in twos and threes – The object of laying is to create more visual interest, but interest that appears harmonious, not messy!  Two or three necklaces in a nicely spaced cascade will look planned and stylish.  Too many pieces might come off as fashion mayhem.  With bracelets, the thickness would impact how many you wear at one time.  You can stack many slender bangles on your wrist and have it look perfectly fine, but too many wider leather or beaded bracelets will appear a bit over-the-top.  With rings you also have the fun option of stacking multiple rings on several fingers.

Wear stacking ring sets on multiple fingers for a fun and eclectic look.

You get three rings in our Gemma Pavé Ring Set. Available in two styles and sizes from 6 to 10, you can wear them in any order and even wear sets on multiple fingers for a fun and eclectic look.

There you have it!  Follow these simple tips and you’ll be rocking the layered look and come off looking so polished and professional that your friends will be asking you for fashion advice!