Style Dots; Easy as A, B, C & D!

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If you’ve just been introduced to Style Dots you may find all the choices a bit daunting.  It’s really as simple as ABC & D!  Here’s what we suggest to get your Style Dots collection started in the easiest way;

A. A Foundation Piece – Pick a foundation that fits your style; the Bling Necklace if you gravitate toward all things sparkly, the Firenze Necklace if you like a more casual look or the Pearl Classic Necklace and Pearl Earrings if you prefer a more traditional look.

Shown are some of our most popular foundation pieces without Dots; Bling Necklace, Firenze Necklace and Pearl Classic Necklace and the Pearl Earrings.


B. Basic Dot Selections –  Don’t know which Dots to choose first?  We recommend neutrals that go with just about anything.  Black, white, gray and silver Dots all have universal appeal and can truly be worn for most occasions and for everyday wear.

The Black Deco, White Luminous, Gray Pearl and Silver Burst are great neutral Dots with which to start your Style Dots collection.


C. Combine!  Snap the Dots into the foundation pieces to create unique combinations that match your style, your clothing or your event.  It’s really that easy

D. Design your own looks!  Swap out the Dots in your foundation pieces and you can create whole new looks.  For example, when you snap the the Silver Burst Dot into the Pearl Classic Necklace, you have a look that is subtle enough for the office.  Snap in the lustrous Gray Pearl Dot and you have a look that is elegant enough for the opera.  Simple and quick!

Snap in a Dot and go! Here we've snapped the Gray Pearl and the Silver Burst into the Pearl Classic Necklace.

Here we show you just two of the many looks you can create when you pair up a foundation with a Dot. So many options! Gray Pearl and Silver Burst both look great in the Pearl Classic Necklace.

You can build on these easy steps as you add other fabulous foundation pieces and designer Dots to your collection of fashionable Style Dots jewelry.  Soon you will have an enviable array of pieces that will allow you to beautifully accessorize any outfit for every day and special event wear.  You’ll be glad you were introduced to trendy Style Dots!