What Style Bride Are You?

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The Jewelry You Want for Your Wedding Day is at Style Dots!

Brides come in all shapes and sizes, and, as you know, they also come in a range of styles and fashion tastes as well.  So, with all these varieties of styles, is it possible that they can all shop for their wedding day jewelry at one place?  We say, “Yes!”  From the princess bride wearing a tiara, to the boot-scooting cowgirl bride and every style in between, Style Dots has the jewelry you want for your wedding day!

Do You Dream of a Traditional Wedding?

For the very Traditional Bride, we recommend our Pearl Necklace and matching Pearl Bracelet.  Add sophisticated Pearl Earrings and snap soft Classic Pearl Dots into all the foundation pieces.  The necklace and bracelet feature luminous, petite pearls interspersed with softly textured silver beads.  With shiny snaps in a traditional deep silver finish attached, this look is classy and elegant.

Do You Consider Yourself a Modern Bride?


Some Brides prefer a more modern flair to this traditional favorite.  Use the same bracelet, necklace and earrings and simply snap in our White Vintage Pearl Dots.  These Dots feature a ring of bling around the creamy center pearl.  This ensemble is perfect for the woman who likes a little extra sparkle in her look.


Are You a Bride Who is More At Home In Tennis Shoes?

Maybe a casual or vintage feel is more of what you are going for in your wedding theme.  Choose our sleek Classic Earrings and Pearl Convertible Drop Necklace with a Classic Necklace Drop.  Add a charming Bling Bangle and snap Pearl Deco Dots in all the foundation pieces.  This sweet collection gives a hint of a bygone era with a more relaxed feel.



Is a Barn Wedding More Your Style?

If you plan on wearing white cowgirl boots to your barn wedding, you’re going to love our Classic Necklace and Earring options.  The simple Classic Earrings have a little dangle just for fun. Our Infinity Drop Necklace with a Classic Necklace Drop dangling down, has alternating infinity links and large oval links in a sleek silver finish.  These links add a bit of cowgirl grit to all these ladylike jewelry items.  The Bolero Bracelet is a country favorite but we’ve added tiny crystals on the swingy ends for a special touch.  Just snap Bling Heart Dots into all the foundation pieces to proclaim that you are a country girl through and through.

If your style happens to lie outside those few we’ve mentioned here, no worries!  Style Dots offers dozens of foundations and hundreds of colors and designs of Dots.  Therefore, you’re sure to be able to match the exact look you’re hoping to achieve for your wedding.  Check us out!