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by Carol K. McCarthy


Who doesn’t love receiving small packages—especially those including jewelry?  You imagine all the enticing things that could be within and you savor the possibilities before you dive in. Your surprise when you discover what’s inside just adds to the experience!  Style Dots interchangeable snap jewelry has captured those feelings of sweet anticipation and happy discovery that come when you receive and open such packages and now we offer it all to you; introducing Reveal Packs!

Your first impression will be from the glossy white, purse-shaped box with colorful images of gemstones scattered across it. Only wonderful things could be inside a package so pretty! The box is sealed at the source so that the contents will remain a mystery until you open it.


White boxes with rhinestones

A surprise of delightful interchangeable jewelry awaits inside a Style Dots Reveal Pack. Values range from $45 up to over $500!  What will your special Reveal Pack have in it?

But there is something even more special about the Style Dots Reveal Packs. While you can order these special boxes for only $39.95 each and the value of the snap jewelry inside will always have a value of at least $45, it doesn’t stop there! The value you uncover could be $50, $60, $80 or even $90!  You could discover an exclusive silver or gold bracelet or necklace inside, or even a matching necklace and earring set! They could be embellished with semi-precious stones, sparkling, faceted crystals or exquisite metalwork detailing.

Even more exciting would be if you unveil one of our “Showstoppers”!  These are choice items that have values of $100 to $150!  But that’s not all! There is also the possibility that your jewelry Reveal Pack will hold a premium piece of snap jewelry made in real gold or one with real diamonds! These have values up as high as $500+!  How’s that for some potentially BIG Reveal surprises!

All the Reveal Pack items are beautiful, blingy and brilliant, no matter the value!   Your eyes will light up when you discover what you’ve received.  You will be so pleased with your selection and you’ll want to order more!  There’s a world of items waiting for you to reveal!

To order, contact your Boutique Partner.  If you don’t have a Boutique Partner request one here: 

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