Get Rewarded for Hosting a Social with Friends

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by Carol K McCarthy


Spending time with friends is always a rewarding proposition, but when you host a Social with Style Dots, you and your friends can reap even more rewards!  Want to know more?  Read on!

What is Style Dots?

Wanting to create the most unique, customizable jewelry in the market, the founders of Style Dots started their fledgling company with a vision for versatility and value.  They developed an array of snaps in a variety of solid colors and patterns, with enamel and crystal embellished tops and they dubbed these tiny elements “Dots.”  The Dots were designed to be completely interchangeable with the many fashionable foundations that included necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  Over the years a multitude of new Dot designs and sizes were created, new Foundation lines were introduced and a patented recessed setting was developed to ensure a secure fit.  These pieces allowed our clients many creative ways to wear their jewelry and almost endless ways to match their jewelry to their wardrobe, event, season or holiday.

A square necklace with two Square Dots, a bling bracelet with two Square Dots and a bling necklace with two Statement Dots.

The only way to get the artful Square Statement necklace set, the Square bling bracelet set and the exquisite Fiery Eye Statement Necklace set is by hosting a qualifying Social with one of our Boutique Partners.

What’s a Social?

Wanting to create a relational social selling business model, the Style Dots founders set up a plan for their representatives, called Boutique Partners, to offer rewards for Hosts who invite their friends over for a fun, entertaining and informative gathering called a “Social.”  The Host and her friends get to watch as the Boutique Partner shares some beautiful looks and shows everyone how to change up those looks by swapping out the Dots, layering pieces and adding on some of our Charms and Accents.  After the demonstration, the guests get to play with the pieces and can shop for the looks, styles and sets that they fell in love with.

Six Original Dots in a variety of colors and Original Necklace plus Dotlet necklace and eight Dotlets in a variety of colors

Shown on the left is the Hostess Bonus Original Set A and on the right is the Hostess Dotlet Set B. Two other sets are available. You may purchase one per qualifying Social. Host often so you can collect all four sets!


What are the Hostess Rewards?

Hostesses get rewarded with FREE and deeply discounted jewelry and, as an additional reward for reaching certain order volumes, the Host can purchase one of our luxurious Hostess Bonus items at special hostess-only pricing.  It gets even better!  If the order total on the Social reaches a higher level, the Hostess gets her Bonus for half-off the special price!  And it doesn’t stop there!  Hostesses also get rewarded with a Booking Exclusive that she can purchase at an incredible price when her Social reaches the minimum volume of $250 – such an attainable goal!  Since there is a new Booking Exclusive every month, hosting frequent Socials is the best way to add all of these fun, fabulous and fashionable items to your jewelry wardrobe.

Brown, Blue, Green and Black large and small Dots

Shown from left: Brown Couture Statement and Original Dots, Blue Couture Statement and Original Dots, Green Couture Statement and Original Dots, Black Couture Statement and Original Dots. With a minimum $100 order, guests can purchase either one Statement Dot or a set of two Original Dots. Shop often to collect them all!


What Rewards Can Friends Get?

As a Host, you’ll want to know that your friends are getting the best deals too, and we agree!  That’s why we’ve set up some pretty amazing Client Rewards.  When Clients place a minimum order, they get to choose one of our wonderful Client Exclusives at a discounted price.  We offer Original Dot Sets, Statement Dots, a Statement Bracelet or an adorable Dot Booklet for storing their Dots.   Clients can only get one Reward per qualifying order and they’re going to want to attend more Socials so they can get more rewards.  We even offer intriguing mystery Dots called Dot Reveals that your Clients can order for only $5 with a minimum $59 purchase.  The larger the order, the more Mystery Dots your guests can purchase! Some of these Dots even offer an additional pleasant surprise!  Your guests will get even more value and extra fun!

Book a Social Today!

With so much to gain and with everyone looking forward to fun and happy gatherings, book your Social today!  Contact your Boutique Partner to find a date that works best for you.  Then get your Wish List ready as you move toward the day when your Social closes and you get to choose your Rewards!  If you don’t have a Boutique Partner of your own, reach out to us by clicking the button below and filling out and submitting the online form and we will connect you with a Boutique Partner in your area.  Enjoy!