How To Get The Most Out Of Your Style Dots Experience

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by Carol K. McCarthy –


New to the Style Dots experience?   Welcome!  We know you’re going to love this very versatile, customizable, multi-style jewelry and accessory line.  We also know that while you’ll have so much fun putting together looks you love, it might be a little daunting at first. Since we offer you so many choices and talk in terms that might not be familiar to you, we decided to give you this little tutorial to help you get started. Before you know it, you’ll be rocking some amazing jewelry combinations and talking the lingo like a pro!

Boutique Partner

Our highly trained representatives are referred to as Boutique Partners.  We chose this name as they partner with us to share with you fine jewelry and fashion accessories of a caliber that you would expect to find in a lovely boutique.  You can order directly from us at or,  if you are already working with a Boutique Partner, you will order directly from his or her website.  If you don’t have a Boutique Partner but would love to get a heads-up when a sale is coming up, recommendations for putting together fabulous looks, or someone to help you Host a Social where you can earn Free and deeply discounted Style Dots products, then you can contact us at and we will connect you with your own personal Boutique Partner.


Our foundations are the jewelry base pieces that you start with when you begin your Style Dots collection. We offer foundations like Necklaces, Earrings, Rings and Bracelets.  In our accessory line you will find these foundations; Keychain, Lanyard, Sunglasses, Flip Flops, Reading Glasses, and Hair Band.  Most of our foundations have snaps on them to accept our Dots.  Some are beautiful stand alone pieces.  The foundations come in many styles and sizes to accept our four sizes of Dots (more about that in a moment!).  Most of our foundations only accept one size of Dot, some accept two or even three depending on the size of the Dot snap the foundation has.  If you add on any of our three sizes of Drops, you could add a whole colorful variety of Dots in whatever size or quantity you want!  Talk about options!

A Forged Statement Necklace, Classic Ring, Bling Earrings, Allure Necklace and Firenze Disc Bracelet are shown with colorful Dots snapped in.


Our Dots come in three round sizes which you might call large, medium and small, but which we refer to as Statement, Original and Dotlet sizes.  We also offer our Style Squares which are a single size of square Dots.  Basically you will be matching names to know that you have the right size Dot for your Foundation; Original Dots fit in Original Foundations, Statement Dots fit in Statement Foundations, Squares in Square Foundations and Dotlets in Dotlet Foundations.  Here’s a chart so you can see the sizes of the Dots relative to each other.

Shown are Dotlet, Original, Square and Statement sized Dots.


No wardrobe would be complete without matching accessories and at Style Dots, we offer you several options in our Accessories line that you can customize to match your jewelry for an 0h-so-put-together look!  Find these under the Original Accessories and Statement Accessories tabs depending on the size Dot they take.


Rainbow Flip Flops and Pewter Flip Flops, Black and Tortoise Shell Sunglasses are shown with the Dots that come with them snapped in.

Dot Reveals

As a fun little bonus for our Style Dots customers, we offer a what we call a Dot Reveal. Dot Reveals are cute little polka-dotted packages which contain Original Dots that are exclusive and won’t be found in the catalog.  To make things even more fun, we’ve sprinkled in a few Dot Reveal packets that have two Dots in them.  We call them ‘Twins’ and it’s so fun to open your Reveals to see if you’re one of the lucky recipients of a two-Dot package!  And if that weren’t enough, we’ve also tucked in a few really special, high-fashion Couture Dots.  These Dots are made with Swarovski Crystals and have a higher value than our other Original Dots.  Won’t you be surprised and oh-so-pleased when you open one of these glamorous and sparkling Dots?  How do you qualify to get in on this bonus?  You can order one Dot Reveal for only $5 for every $59.00 you spend.  Order $118 and you qualify to buy two, $177 to buy three, and so on.

Dot Club

Another great thing to experience is our Dot Club.  Many of our members call it their ‘Happy Mail’.  This fun and affordable monthly subscription gets you a Starter Set your first month that contains a Necklace and three coordinating Dots. Every month that you remain a member you will receive a new Dot set in the mail.  We even let you choose what color Dots you want each month starting with your second shipment.  And to top it off there are even exclusive Sales and beautiful rewards when you stay a member!  You can even join our online Facebook Dot Club community where you can keep up on all the latest with the Dot Club.  All these perks of membership will make you want to stay a member, but if you need to, for whatever reason, you can cancel your subscription and rejoin anytime that’s right for you.  The system we have in place will recognize you as a former member and when you rejoin it will pick up your account where you left off .

Facebook Lives

We are also making a name for ourselves in our Facebook Live events where we share tips and ideas for using your versatile Style Dots pieces, reveal new and exclusive items you can order, and we always give away some fabulous Style Dots products.  Like our page and follow us so you can watch these fun and informative presentations.

Order, Host or Join

We hope all this information will help maximize your experience as a Style Dots client.  Remember that you can also Host a Boutique Social with a few of your friends and earn free and 40% off Style Dots products and even qualify to purchase the Hostess Exclusive of the Month.  Or, join Style Dots as a Boutique Partner and learn even more and start earning extra income. So many, many options for YOU!

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