Gina Smith, Co-founder of Style Dots

Get to Know Our Co-Founders – Gina’s Story

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by Carol K. McCarthy –


What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

When I look back at my life, it is certainly not a nice, well-paved road.  There have been curves, speed bumps and roadblocks. But I love adventure, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I moved 8 times growing up, and I think it created resiliency in me.  Prior to finding direct sales I was an x-ray tech and oversaw the early childhood ministries at our church which taught me how to organize and oversee an army of volunteers.  My direct sales career started in 2003 and my initial goal was just to have a night out with girlfriends and make $500 a month.  I quickly realized how empowering this business can be for women, and seeing others succeed and reach their goals became my new passion. There is nothing like seeing someone’s confidence bloom!

Why did you start this company?

The direct sales industry has had a huge impact on me.  When I started, I was questioning who I was supposed to be and what my purpose was. I think that is common as women go through common stages in our lives: our kids are all in school, the teenage years when they “think” they don’t need us, empty nest, retirement. These transitions often become a time to reflect and recalibrate.  For me those times caused me to dream even bigger.  How can we really make a difference in a substantial way? If we start a company, we will be able to implement things that will do that.  We can have a rewarding compensation plan, an encouraging culture, and we can train the whole person – not just their business. I honestly felt that to not start Style Dots would have disobedient. It is funny how God just gives us nudges in the right direction, because if he laid out our entire future we would be overwhelmed. I knew that launching Style Dots was just the first step! It has been so humbling to see the difference Style Dots has made not only in our Boutique Partners lives, but in charities we work with like Wholehearted Home and I Pour Life

GIna kisses a child from Wholehearted home. A model shows many of the Giving Circle Bracelets.

Gina give some love and attention to one of the children from the Wholehearted Home in Haiti. Our model shows off many of the Giving Circle items that generate funds for both Wholehearted Home and I Pour Live charities.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Honestly, my biggest challenges have mostly been self-induced.  I have had to learn that striving for perfection can ruin productivity, and my desire to be helpful means I also must be able to set boundaries. Over the last 7 years I have learned so much! I am blessed that Karen and I challenge each other to grow, and that causes Style Dots to grow and evolve as it has needed to.  We have learned that in business things will happen to surprise you and you just need pause, prepare and pivot!


What are your outside interests?

Randy and I have been married for 33 years and still date every Friday night. He is my biggest supporter and a calming resource. You know what they say, “still waters run deep”! We have 3 sons – Ryan, Brandon, and Trevor. Our son Ryan is a pastor, and his wife Erin along with our grandkids Emma (4) and Arlo (1) live in Los Angeles.  Being their Nonna is my absolute favorite thing! Brandon is a concert/event photographer and works with us at Style Dots.  Trevor just graduated from college and will be teaching high school history.  Family is my greatest joy, and our homemade pizza nights are legendary! I love to travel, snorkel, zipline, rappel down waterfalls with my cousins and play games of any kind! If you have an adventure – I’m your girl!