How to Make Her Feel “Eggs-tra” Special

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Guys, this one’s for you. You want to surprise your favorite girl with a special gift for Easter, but are a little stymied as to how to go about it.  May we suggest Style Dots as the one-stop solution to your gift choosing quandary?

Style Dots offers a wide variety of jewelry and accessory foundation pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings that can be customized with a huge selection of snap-in Dots so that you can match any woman’s style!  So, consider this Gift Giving 101.  We will show you how to choose the perfect Style Dots jewelry or accessory gift based on a few simple factors.

Start With Her Style

You’re going to start by studying your gal to see what her overall style is.  Is she more at home in jeans and cowgirl boots?  Does she wear business attire most of the time?  Or, are dresses, skirts and blouses her preferred choice of outfit?

If she is the athletic, jean and boot type, our Single Leather Bracelet or Infinity Bracelet Set, which is our Client Exclusive for the month of March, (only $29.95 with a $24.95 purchase) are sure to please.  Equally appropriate in the corral or at a café, these casual pieces can be paired with a variety of Dots that share the same casual vibe, or with fancier Dots for wearing on a night out – all with the snap of a Dot.

rugged chic banner

If your gal is a business woman, she will enjoy our Classic Combination Necklace with its smooth finish and understated elegance.  The dual size snaps will allow her to wear coordinated Dots in two sizes (our 12 mm and 30 mm) creating eye-catching combinations.  With Dots snapped in that match her suit du jour, she will look so put-together and professional.

bus woman banner

Perhaps the lady in your life is one who prefers feminine attire would appreciate jewelry of the same design.  Our lovely new Petit Fleur Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet are delicate and graceful pieces that she will be pleased to wear.

feminine banner

Customize With Her Colors

Next you are going to want to choose the right color Dots to go with the foundation pieces you have chosen for her.  You could come out and ask her what her favorite color is, but we recommend a subtler approach.  Pay attention to the colors of the outfits she wears and the colors she surrounds herself with at home.  This will be your biggest clue as to what color Dots to choose for her.

Since Style Dots offers Dots in many hues and shades, you can be sure we have her favorite color.  Plan to get Dots in several colors so that she can wear her new jewelry with a variety of outfits.

Make your gal feel "Egg-stra" special this Easter!

Add an Easter Touch

To add more Easter joy to your gift, why not include one of our limited edition Easter Dots.  The adorable Chick Dot or the colorful Easter Egg Dot will be sure to elicit an expression of delight, as will our Pink Filigree Flower, and Yellow Art Deco Dots – all in the 12 mm size. Include the larger Pink Double Cable – Statement Dot, and new Green Mosaic – Statement Dot (all shown in top banner) and she’ll have a jewelry wardrobe she’ll be sure to show off all Spring and Summer long!

So, there you have it!  The perfect gift for your girl based on her style and favorite colors.  She’ll be amazed that you picked out such a fitting gift and she’ll wonder how you pulled it off.  You don’t have to tell her that Style Dots made it so easy!