Perfect Jewelry – No Fooling!

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Shown: Classic Waterfall Necklace – Gold, Classic Earrings – Bronze with Red Cable – Bronze 12 mm Dots, Ovation Ring with Tree of Life 12 mm Dot, and our Leather Wrap Bracelets in five fun colors.

The Quest Begins
You’re on a mission to find jewelry to match a new outfit,  to wear to a special occasion, or that can go easily from the office to an outing.  You start at the local mall and walk miles, stopping into every store that offers jewelry. But you quickly get discouraged as you find pieces that are too big, too expensive, not big enough, won’t match, or just don’t fit your style.  You find yourself wondering if there is an easier way.  Well, wonder no more!  Style Dots offers the perfect jewelry – no fooling!
The Secret of Perfect Jewelry
If you were to conduct a poll about the perfect jewelry line, you would be told that it would have to offer multiple sizes to fit just about everyone and come in many colors and styles to please a large audience.  It would have to be affordable, easily obtainable, and have a good warranty.  Style Dots jewelry is all that, but is even more perfect as it has the added benefit of interchangeability!  The interchangeable pieces allow you to customize your look for any occasion, any venue, or any outfit.
How Does It Work?
With dozens of foundation pieces, necklaces, bracelets, rings (in sizes 6 – 10), and earrings, in a variety of metal finishes (.990 silver, KC gold, Gunmetal, Bronze), the perfect set of jewelry begins with choosing your favorite piecess.  With the addition of leather bracelets in traditional black and our Leather Wrap Bracelets in a half-dozen fun colors, you have many options from which to choose.
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Shown are just a few of our many foundation pieces: the Link Necklace, Bling Hoop Earrings and Single Leather Bracelet


Next, choose the Dots to snap into your foundation pieces.  Some foundations take 12 mm Dots, some take 30 mm Dots, some take both!  The description of the foundation pieces are on our website and will tell you how many Dots and what size you’ll need to choose for the piece you select. You’ll find over three hundred Dot choices in many colors and designs, to complete your ensemble.  Go for all matching dots, or mix and match the many complimentary styles and colors for a more eclectic look.
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There’s More!
Style Dots knows that looking put-together comes with adding great matching accessories.  To help you achieve this look, Style Dots has designed a Handbag line (Tote Bag, Hip Bag and Wallet), Flip-Flops, Sunglasses and Hair Accessories that can also accept Dots to match your newly designed jewelry set.  Style Dots gives you all the elements you need to pull off the fabulous fashionista look!
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Shown: The Style Dots Hip Bag – Black, Flip-Flops and our Nancy Sunglasses

The Best Secret of All!
Style Dots has another secret that makes their jewelry even more perfect; you can get it FREE!  How? Simply have your friends over for a fun evening trying on our beautiful jewelry and seeing our amazing accessories.  Our hostesses earn free and discounted jewelry as a reward for hosting these parties known as Boutique Socials.  Don’t know a Style Dots Boutique Partner?  Just go to and enter your contact information. The Style Dots Corporate Office will have a Boutique Partner in your area get in touch with you.
It’s really that easy to get the perfect jewelry. No fooling!