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Jewelry Goes with Everything: Modern Accessorizing

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You’ve seen it: the white sneakers worn with suits, dresses, skirts, and, of course, jeans. People wear white sneakers with everything! The white sneaker has been declared a fashion must-have (“Inside the White Sneaker’s 20-Year Rise”). And much like the simple white sneaker that goes with everything, today’s dainty, minimalistic jewelry goes with everything, as well!

You don’t have to save your jewelry for special occasions anymore. Wear your jewelry everyday, everywhere! Necklacesbraceletsearrings: You can wear them just as easily with t-shirts and jeans as you can with dresses or business attire.

jewelry goes with everything

Add a pop of color to make your pearls modern.

Wear Those Pearls

Pearls used to be considered the epitome of grace and elegance. If you were wearing pearls, you were going somewhere that required you to be demure and, perhaps, even a bit prim. Today, pearls are modern and chic. Not only can you pair your pearls with bold colors and styles, you can also wear them with anything. Remember: jewelry goes with everything!

Going to the movies with girlfriends? Put on your pearls! Don’t keep them locked up in your jewelry box for a special occasion. They’re an everyday accessory. Pair them with silver or gold. Layer them with your chains. Add pops of color with interchangeable snap Dots! Make your pearls your own by customizing them to your liking.

Go for the Gold

jewelry goes with everything

Wear gold anytime, anywhere!

Much like pearls, we used to reserve gold jewelry for those “fancier” occasions. But today gold is meant to be worn anytime. It’s really up to your preference. If you like to wear jewelry that has a gold finish or gold is the color that looks best on you, wear it! It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed to the nines or you’re going to Target (hey, that’s fancy for some of us!), wear those dainty gold chains or gold bracelets and shine bright. Jewelry goes with everything!

Want to mix in some rose gold or silver? Go for it! As you know, mixed metals are all the rage!

Keep Your Diamonds Close

jewelry goes with everything

Our Diamondette Collection lets you shine bright at a fraction of the price.

Have you checked out our Diamondette Collection? Gorgeous, right? When you invest in something that beautiful, you don’t want to save it just for special occasions. And you don’t have to! You can even wear diamonds (including our simulated Diamondettes) with anything and everything. Today’s jewelry rules are there are no rules!

Wear your Diamondette Tennis Bracelet with your favorite leggings. Wear your Diamondette Slide with that v-neck t-shirt you love so much. And wear your Diamondette Duo Set earrings in your second piercings with everything! If you have them, wear them. Show them off.

Do what feels good, and be your best, most confident self. That’s what jewelry is all about. And that’s why, when it comes to accessorizing, jewelry goes with everything.

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