Little Accessories, Big Impact

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by Carol K. McCarthy


minimalist jewelry layered for a more full look

Our model sports this easy, breezy layered look that consists of a Gold Twisted Chain, a Gold Multi Bezel Necklace and a Gold Classic Dotlet Necklace with a White Jessica Dotlet. Note the matching bracelets that she’s stacked for a completely coordinated look and how her jewelry perfectly compliments her uber casual jacket.


The Latest Trend – Small Is In!

Fashion is an ever changing thing that goes from one side of the style spectrum to the other.  Lately the pendulum of the fashion world has swung again, this time landing on what’s being called Minimalist Jewelry, and of course, Style Dots has that trend covered!


Minimalist, or very simple, understated jewelry, is known by it’s subtle size and delicate appearance.  Oh, there can still be a tiny flash of bling, an itty bitty pop of color and sublime patterns to be sure, but they will be very slight and exquisitely fine.  It’s exactly the diminutive size that makes these the most versatile of pieces to wear anywhere and anytime.  A bonus of wearing minimalist jewelry is that these super simple pieces will never overwhelm any of your outfits. This type of jewelry is designed to enhance the appearance of the wearer, not to be the central focal point. The overall effect is very pleasing to the eye as it is a clean style that creates a polished and refined look.




Model is wearing three necklace and two bracelets for a minimalist layered look

Our model is wearing a Slide Chain with both a Moon Slide and a Star Slide and has layered in a Classic Dotlet Necklace with the Lunar Dotlet snapped in.  She completes the look with a Gold Lapis Chain. On her wrist she has stacked a Gold Lapis Chain Bracelet and a Dotlet Beaded Bracelet with a matching Lunar Dotlet.

Easy to Wear (and Hard to Get Wrong!)

Petite jewelry really is the easiest to wear.  Because the pieces are so small, they are so very versatile.  You can confidently wear a single dainty piece no matter if you’re wearing a gorgeous gown or a jean jacket.  Or you can build an even more appreciable look by layering those tiny necklaces and stacking several thin bracelets.  So it’s perfect for those who love a simple, dainty style, but equally great for those who love wearing multiple pieces to create the more lavish look they love. And that stacked or layered look will never appear too cluttered or busy and the single item look will never look too sparse.

Minimalist Jewelry – Great for Gifting

How many times have you thought about purchasing a piece of jewelry as a gift for a friend, only to find yourself so unsure about what style they might like?  It’s too easy to get it wrong with bigger and more specifically styled pieces, while the simplicity of the minimalist style will provide you with options you know will suit anyone. Here’s an even smarter tip for choosing the minimalist style; you can keep giving more tiny jewelry items for that same person over the course of a year or for several years so they will acquire pieces over time that will coordinate perfectly to create any look they love.  No need to stress about what to get them for each gift-giving occasion, simply add to their collection!


Model wears four necklaces in different lengths using minimalist jewelry

As lovely with jeans as with a dress! Our model shows off a mixed metal look with the Bling Dotlet Necklace with a Rose Gold Daisy Dotlet, a Twisted Gold Chain, a Multi Bezel Necklace and a Gold Paperclip Chain. The Paperclip chain comes in gold and silver and in three lengths to create perfectly proportioned layered looks.

Perfect for the Younger Generation

Dainty jewelry also makes the perfect gift for children and young people as they grow. There’s nothing loud or complicated about the whole line of simple jewelry, so it makes a fabulous gift for a sweet six year old or a sweet 16!  Think graduation, First Communion and other special and memorable times in a young person’s life. The simple nature of the pieces means they always looks good and their darling designs really suit the innocent image of children growing up. It also helps them feel just a little more grown up to have pretty jewelry.

Popular with Those Who Don’t Usually Wear Jewelry

Those who don’t normally wear jewelry will find that they can take a step into the world of accessorizing without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable when they put on a minimalist piece. It’s safe to add a touch of sparkle and nice to add a tiny necklace. They’ll discover that it’s a great way to add a finishing touch to an outfit or give it that professional appearance.  It’s a great introduction to wearing jewelry that will help them feel sensible and chic at the same time!