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Sherri’s Story: At Style Dots Jewelry, the Best is Yet to Come!

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by Carol K. McCarthy

I have been with Style Dots since December 1, 2014. I wanted to be part of a company from the ground up. At the beginning we had our hiccups as any new company has, but looking at our growth since those beginning hiccups just goes to show that THE BEST IS YET TO COME. I have watched the people, programs and especially the product grow exponentially. I have earned trips, ribbons and walks across the stage at our conferences. And these things you earn just by doing your job. We have amazing CEO’s that speak to you and do training with and for you. This business comes from their hearts, which makes it easy to share. When the pandemic came around we all had to learn about how to step out of our own way and pivot. They helped us learn how to do that as well.    

Sherri and her teammates, mentor and fellow Boutique Partners have gone from fellow reps to best buddies through Style Dots.

Left: Sherry has found that her new team members have become new friends. Middle: Sherri and her mentor, Pam, have built a great working relationship. Right: Sherri on one of the tropical trips she earned!

What has Style Dots snap jewelry done for me since 2021?  I went to Ft Myers, Florida last April for the incentive trip, in September 2021, I earned the leadership trip to California, and this April I went to Jamaica!  I’m presently working on the leadership trip for this fall.  I have been working towards strengthening my team, and as I do I make great friendships and find out about other vendor events.   

It’s amazing that we can work when we want to or need to, or take time away when we need to.  I had to have two major surgeries, one in March and one in May.  After these, several of my Dot sisters reached out to look in on me.   I love this community of Style Dots!   You have the business to do with what you want, when you want, but you are not alone.  The money I make helps to pay for the incidentals each month and stretches our money.   Style Dots lets me have the opportunity to pay off my credit cards each month as well. 

I can’t wait to see where the future leads us!