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A Loyalty Program for YOU: Style Dots’ Insider Program

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On April 2, 2024, Style Dots rolled out its brand-new loyalty program: Insider Rewards. By becoming a Style Dots Insider, you can earn points towards FREE products and access to monthly Insider First product!

Style Dots’ Loyalty Program: How Can I Earn Insider Points?

loyalty programThere are many different ways for you to earn points in our new loyalty program. The most basic way is through your Style Dots purchases! Every time you make a purchase, you earn points: $1 equals 1 point (excluding tax and shipping). The more you spend, the more points you earn!

loyalty programFor our loyal jewelry subscription club members, Dot Club and Jemma Jewelry Box, there’s even more exciting news: You earn double points on your subscriptions! So just by being a loyal club member, you can really rack up the Rewards points.

You can also earn points by performing certain actions like signing up for our email or texts, liking our social pages, or creating an account. In fact, you can earn your first 100 points—good for a $5 jewelry credit—just by creating an account and opting in to text messages!

And if you tell us when your birthday is (just the month and day…we’re not that nosy), we’ll give you a 100 points as a special birthday gift—good for another $5 jewelry credit.

Style Dots’ Loyalty Program: How Can I Use My Insider Points?

loyalty programThere are several ways to use your Insider points.

  • Save them up. Every 100 points equals a $5 discount. You can save up your points until you have enough for a FREE product!
  • Give yourself a little discount. If you’re not a saver (hey, some of us aren’t!), use ‘em as soon as you get ‘em!
  • Use them toward the Insider First product. Every month we’ll debut an Insider First product only available to our Insiders. Redeem your points for a discount on monthly exclusive products!
  • Save them for exclusive Insider-only products. When you’ve acquired 1,000 points, you can redeem them for a FREE special Insider-only product only available with points.

So start earning FREE products for being a loyal Style Dots customer today!

Join the FREE Insider Loyalty Program at StyleDots.com.