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Prom Jewelry: The Perfect Accessories for Your Prom

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prom jewelry

Diamondette Slide & Hoop Earrings with Bling Original Necklace & Ring

It’s prom time!  For many teen girls, prom is a dream evening that takes on fairytale proportions. It’s usually accompanied by hours of time spent finding the perfect dress, shoes, hairstyle, and jewelry.  While Style Dots can’t help find the perfect dress, hairstyle, or shoes, we are more than equipped to help create a custom prom jewelry ensemble for the big event.

Custom Prom Jewelry for Your Perfect Prom Dress

If you’ve ever watched a teenager shop for clothes, you know they have a strong opinion when it comes to style and colors. So imagine how they feel about choosing a dress for their prom! So while you may never be able to predict what your teen’s perfect prom dress might be, we can say with confidence that Style Dots has prom jewelry to match whatever they choose.

Why are we so confident? Because we offer a unique line of customizable accessories called interchangeable jewelry. Interchangeable jewelry consists of Foundations and hundreds of beautiful interchangeable snap Dots. This means your prom-destined teen can create a custom prom jewelry set to perfectly match her dress color, neckline, and style.

What’s Your Dress Style for Your Prom Jewelry?

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It all starts with the dress style. Is it bouncy? Sleek and form fitting?  Patterned or a solid color? And, most importantly, what kind of neckline does it have? V? Square? Sweetheart? Especially when choosing her necklace and earrings, it’s important for your teen to consider her dress’s neckline. To find out what kind of jewelry works best with different necklines, read our article, “Your Biggest Prom Jewelry Questions Answered.”

prom jewelry

Bling Dotlet Necklace with Bling Dotlet Earrings & Diamondette Bracelet

Once your teen has chosen her dress,  she’ll want to choose her prom jewelry Foundations that not only complements her dress, but also her personality.

What’s Your Foundation Style for Your Prom Jewelry?

Does your teen love some bling? Or does she like sleek and modern? Is she a classic kind of girl? Or is she more comfortable out in the country? Once she’s determined her style, her next step is to find the Foundations and interchangeable Dots that fit that description and that will go perfectly with her dress.

prom jewelry

Classic Link Statement Necklace with Oval Hoop Earrings & Original Ring

Style Dots offers necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets in styles that range from modern to classic to all kinds of bling. We’ve also got Foundations in gold, silver, and rose gold, as well as on-trend mixed metals and layering chains. Whatever prom jewelry your teen is looking for, she’ll find it!

What’s Your Interchangeable Dot Style for Your Prom Jewelry?

Once your prom teen has chosen her Foundations, she’ll get to choose her interchangeable Dots. With Dots in every color and finish, as well as birthstone Dots and Dots filled with genuine crystal bling, she’ll have the most fun choosing the perfect interchangeable snaps for her prom jewelry. And then it’s just a quick snap into the Foundations, and she has created a custom look for her prom attire!

Even better? Style Dots isn’t one-and-done jewelry. Your teen can continue to wear it with all of her “‘fits of the day.” Just mix-and-match interchangeable Dots for a new look whenever she gets in the mood!

Having prom jewelry that look amazing is what SHE wants. Having prom jewelry that she can wear again, and that is affordable and high quality is what YOU want. Finding a solution that’s a win-win is what WE want.

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This is an update of an article previously published May 9, 2022.