Style Dots: Real People Making Real Money

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Learn How Frances turned her fascination with Style Dots jewelry and accessories into a fun and profitable business.

Not Looking to Start a Business

I was not looking to start a business that day when I received an invitation to a friend’s Style Dots launch party.  I wasn’t even able to attend the party anyway.  Then my friend called and asked if I would host a social for her.  I didn’t even want to.  She brought me over a catalog and even then I wasn’t really that impressed by what I saw in it.  But I agreed to do the party to help my friend.  The night of the party she came over to set up her display and when I saw all the beautiful items she had brought with her, I suddenly was wowed!  The catalog didn’t do the product justice.  I had to see it in person and the sparkle is what sold me!  I fell in love with everything, and, what’s more, everyone who came to my social loved it too – I had over $1,300.00 in sales that night.

Who am I now?

Now, here’s the thing, I was at a place in my life where I was feeling a little adrift.  Okay, a lot adrift.  I had always been super busy with my children and all their many activities as well as working a full-time job.  But my kids had recently moved out, I was now an ’empty-nester.’ The extra-curricular activities had stopped, and I was asking myself, “Who am I now?”  It was at this point that I learned about Style Dots and began to get super excited thinking about the possibilities that it held for me.

Give Me Three Months

I had signed with other direct sales companies in the past but had always quit after a short while.  I asked my husband what he thought about me selling Style Dots.  He was doubtful that it would be any different that any of the other businesses I had tried in the past.  I asked him to give me three months to see what I could do with the business.  So, I held my own launch party and it reached over $1000.00 in sales!

It has been so easy!  Not only are we given all the tools we need to be a success in the business, but I am able to sell my Style Dots products just by wearing them!  In fact, I was delivering a handbag that a friend at work had ordered and just carrying it through the office netted me orders for three more handbags!

Not only do our handbags offer many practical features, they are beautifully trendy as well! Shown are the Black Tote Bag, Black Cell Phone Wallet, Small Black Organizer Bag, Black Wallet, Large Navy Tote Bag, Small Navy Organizer Bag, Small Caramel Organizer Bag, and Floral Tote and Floral Hip Bag in Sand.

The Style Dots concept is so smart!  Take a foundation piece and snap in a Dot.  Snap in a different Dot and it totally changes the look.  Plus, we have new Dots every single month, and very upscale Dots in our Couture line.  Our jewelry and accessories are beautiful and make you feel good when you wear them.  Plus, I have a very stressful job, so when I come home and and surround myself with all the pretty Style Dots things, it’s amazing!

Shown are the sleek Classic Hoop Earrings with no Dots. Shown next are the Blue Wonder, Red Clematis, Aqua Nautilus and Scarlet Couture Original Dots, which are just four of the hundreds we offer.


My Husband is so Proud of Me!

I recently took my husband on a trip to Cancun that I earned through my Style Dots business.  He said to me, “I’m so proud of you”.  I almost cried!  I’ve also bought a new car, paid off our motorcycle three years early, had my living room painted and replaced an appliance, all with my Style Dots money.  I’m making REAL money!

Trips to exotic, tropical locations are some of the wonderful incentives our Style Dots Boutique Partners can earn.

Not only can I make a substantial contribution to the household, but even more meaningful for me is the fact that with my Style Dots money I’ve been able to donate to help a fallen officer, secure home care for my dad and to contribute to a fund to buy a service dog for an autistic child.  Lives are being impacted by our little Dots and that is the greatest thing to me.  I want to know that I made an impact in the world.  Style Dots is helping me do that.

I’m Having a Blast!

So, if you’re thinking about joining Style Dots, jump in and do it!  You’ll get all the tools and training you need, a helpful sisterhood, leaders and office staff.  It’s so much fun; I’m having a blast with what I’m doing.  When I started selling Style Dots, I decided I would be happy making $300 a month or enough to buy my own jewelry.  I’m way beyond that!  I’m telling you to always be open to the possibilities, the ‘what-ifs’.  Don’t be afraid!  Take it and run and fly and evolve into what you could be, something you never thought you’d do.

Style Dots offers you all the resources you need to have a fun and rewarding and profitable career.

It’s mind boggling what I’ve done with Style Dots.  Never in a million years did I think I’d be standing on a stage next to the company owners, or sitting by a pool with the owners of this amazing company on a trip I earned.  I wasn’t looking to start a business when the invitation came that day.  It just dropped in my lap and God knew I needed it.