The Sundance Way to a Western Flair

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The History of the Sundance

The Sun Dance was the most important ceremony practiced by nearly all the Plains Indians.  It was a time of renewal and many bands came together for this annual rite with each band camping within their own circle.  A circular arena was cleared for the ceremony and a double ring of sticks were then placed around the arena.  Tribal dancers held a large circlet as part of the ceremonial dress, confirming the circle as an important symbol of this event.

When the western movement in America began, people were fascinated with the cultures they found there.  Since that time, western style clothing, footwear, color palettes, symbols and designs became popular themes in architecture, home decor, and accessories for.  That popularity is undimmed even today.

Style Dots – Bringing Cultural Influences to Life

At Style Dots, we love to incorporate cultural influences into our jewelry products; the French Fleur de lis, the Celtic Cross and even the contemporary American Peace symbol have all been incorporated into our product line at one time or another.  Now we are excited to explore the western influence with our new Sundance line which includes a necklace, bracelet and hoop earrings.

The new Sundance line brings the historical American West influence to life with our intricately detailed foundation pieces but adds a contemporary twist to this time-honored style with the addition of some bling.

Style Dots has made the circle the basis of our new Sundance line.  To this we added antiqued raised beads and clear crystals in concentric circles on the medallion to create a fascinating blend of styles.  Both the necklace and the bracelet are on multiple strands of waxed silk with end caps embellished with raised beads for a very artistic look.  The earrings also feature the raised beads and crystals to perfectly match the set.

Add the Sundance Bracelet to any of our Style Dots Stack Bracelets in more modern designs to create this fun, eclectic look.

One Set With Many Looks

Even though the new Sundance set has a western flair to it, even that look can be dressed up or down in these customizable foundations.  Keep the western theme going by snapping in the Compass Dot, the Neutral Wildflower Dot or Brown Emblem Dot.


Snap in the Dots shown to keep the Western theme going: Compass, Neutral Wildflower and Brown Emblem.

In the late 1800’s, the Navajo Indians started using Turquoise in their silver Jewelry and soon after that the demand for Turquoise grew exponentially.  Today it is still a much sought after stone.  We love it for the dash of color it adds to our Style Dots jewelry.  Doesn’t it look right at home in the Sundance Necklace and Bracelet?

The Natural Turquoise Dots brighten the Sundance foundations with a bit of color and are perfectly in keeping with the Western theme.

To dress up the Sundance set, snap in our gorgeous Couture Dots that are lavishly covered in Swarovski crystals.  These super fashionable Dots bring more shimmer and a more upscale look to your ensemble.  Or choose any of our large crystal Solitaire Dots that come in over a dozen rich colors to match any outfit you own.  Still want a fancier look?  Choose from hundreds of other Dots in our vast selection to add elegance, sparkle and class to this appealing set!

The Swarovski crystals in our elegant Couture Dots add extra glimmer and distinction to any foundation. Here they bring a brightness and a more vogue look to the Sundance set.

So, if you love the western influence in your dress and accessories, choose the Sundance line to perfectly match your style theme.  Don’t overlook any of our other sensational jewelry styles, from traditional to contemporary, fancy to casual, earthy or out-of-this-world, all available on our website or through your Boutique Partner.