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Don’t Buy A Thing Without Taking This Color Test First!

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The Science of Color

Do you choose your wardrobe based on your skin tone?  Or select your eyeshadow color based on the color of your eyes? Did you know that there is a science behind choosing the best colors to wear to compliment your skin and eye color?  That science can extend to your jewelry selections as well since you usually choose pieces that match your wardrobe and skin tone. Let’s see how knowing your skin tone can help you with your jewelry selections as well.


Gold? Silver? Rose Gold?

Start by determining if you should wear gold or silver jewelry (or both!).  You skin tone will determine which finish is most complimentary for you.  A very simple way to determine your underlying skin tone (warm, cool or neutral) is to stand in front of a mirror with no make-up on and alternately hold a gold and silver item next to your face and observe how each makes you look.  If you have a neutral skin tone, either metal will compliment your coloring. If you have a cool skin tone, the silver will stand out more against your skin and make your complexion brighter.  If your skin tone is warm, gold will compliment it best.


Why is Knowing Your Skin Tone Important?

Simply put, colors impact your look and wearing the correct colors for your skin tone can make you look healthier!  Conversely, wearing the wrong color can make you look washed out, tired and can emphasize under-eye shadows.  So try the mirror test with a variety of different colors (fabrics work great for this!) to determine your correct tone, then you can follow the color guidelines below for choosing the colorful elements for your jewelry and wardrobe.

Best Colors For Your Skin Tone

If you tested as a warm skin tone in your gold/silver test, then you will look best in browns, reds, oranges, yellows and greens.  If you tested cool, you will look best in pinks, purples, blue , bluish-greens, and aqua, usually in more pastel hues.  Neutral skin tones can usually wear any of the colors/hues but even if you seem to be in one category, everyone has unique undertones, so do a mirror check to confirm your color selection.

Dots in cooler tones abound in our selection of trendy and stylish Dots. Shown here are the Blue Dichroic, Pink Flair, Purple Quatrefoil, Pink Luminous, Teal Emblem, Purple Bella, Denim Glimmer, Pink Gleam, Purple Druzy, Teal Anthem and Aqua Anemone.

Colorful Options For All Skin Tones

Style Dots has hundreds of jewelry options so that anyone will be able to choose the perfect piece no matter their skin tone.  First, Style Dots offers foundation jewelry pieces in gold, silver, rose gold and two-tone finishes in a variety of designs so you will be able to find the pieces you love that match your warm, cool or neutral skin tone.  Next, you can choose Dots in hundreds of colors and styles to snap into those foundation pieces to create the perfect look for you!  Totally customizable, your unique skin tone will be complimented by the colors of Dots and foundations you choose. And, best of all, you can change your colorful Dots out in seconds with just a snap!


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