Coutures, Dichroics, and Druzys, Oh My!

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Dichroic glass, along with Druzy and Couture crystals, are high-end fashion elements that Style Dots uses to create vibrant, glimmering Dots that you can snap in to any of our fabulous foundations, allowing you to customize your look each day!

What on Earth!?  When you say words like Couture, Dichroic and Druzy it sounds as if you are speaking in a different language, and indeed you are!  Couture is from Old French meaning seam, and from the Latin meaning stitched together. Dichroic is from the Greek word dikhroos, meaning two-coloured.  And Druzy means bump in 19th Century Old High German.

Okay, now we have the word sources figured out, just how do these words relate to these different styles of Dots?  Well, in the super shimmery Couture Dots, the many Swarovski crystals are pieced together to make a beautiful whole.  Kind of ‘stitched together,’ if you will.  Each Couture Dot is handcrafted and every one of our over two dozen styles has intricate patterns formed by the placement of crystals in a wide variety of colors.

The camera can’t capture the radiant sparkle of these Couture Dots that are created by placing genuine Swarovski crystals in captivating patterns. Contact your Boutique Partner to see these beauties in person.

And, even though “Dichroic” means two-colored, these glass-based Dots often have ripples of three, four or more colors in them.  The various lined or pieced patterns on each Dot appear to flow into one another and each is a unique work of art; no two are exactly alike.  What makes these Dots even more intriguing is that they display different colors in certain lighting conditions or by being tilted one way or the other.   Dichroic Dots will actually change their look as you move making them among the most mysterious and exotic Dots we offer.

Even though “Druzy” means “bump” in German, a fair translation in the English is, “covered with minute crystals”.  Indeed, the surfaces of our Druzy Dots are made up of dozens of tiny crystals that form tiny points and facets.  These facets catch and reflect the light and glitter in the most amazing way whichever way you look at it.  Again, your movements create sparkles that dance and flicker in a most enchanting show.

Druzy Dots peek out from the center of the photo. There are surrounded by several of our tantalizing Dichroic Dots.

In addition to these unique types of Dots, Style Dots has designed Dots incorporating other well-known and long-appreciated materials.  These include, enamel, faux pearls, faceted glass stones and beads.  In addition, Dots come in either a highly polished mirror-like finish or an antiqued finish that is designed to bring out the detail in any patterns.  All of our Original Dots are plated in .990 deep silver and the Statement Dots feature a Rhodium plated finish.  You will know our Dots by the logo on the back and the fact that they all fit perfectly and securely into the patent-pending recessed settings on our foundations.  You’ll wear these pieces confidently and feel polished and poised knowing you are exactly on-trend with your Style Dots jewelry!