Our co-founder, Gina Smith, smiles for the camera.

Gina’s Journey to Style Dots; The Impact on People’s Lives

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by Carol K. McCarthy –


Why did you want to start Style Dots?
Direct Sales is an industry that can have a huge impact on people’s lives. Over the course of my career, I saw people transform before my eyes.  They may have started shy or not confident in themselves, but when you are surrounded by people cheering you on, you have access to personal growth training, and you are receiving recognition – it changes you.  Starting Style Dots allowed us to offer an opportunity to people that would bring financial freedom, personal growth, and friendships that feel like family!


Furniture, vacations photos and a Boutique Partner with a puppy

Income from their Style Dots businesses allowed these Boutique Partners to realize some dreams. Elizabeth bought new dining room furniture, Lisa was able to travel with friends, Alisha enjoyed taking her son on vacation, Anita adopted a puppy.


What has been your biggest surprise with Style Dots?
Honestly, it’s the stories. I didn’t realize how big of a difference a Dot could make.  I have a file folder full of encouraging notes and stories of transformation; people paying cash for major household expenses, families taking their first vacation ever, lonely people that have found a family full of people that love them.  I have never seen a company have the community and culture we are seeing.  It is honestly better than we ever dreamed. It’s the stories that keep me going if I am having a busy or difficult day.  All the sacrifices that owning a company requires are absolutely worth seeing lives changed!!!


A car, a sign saying travel was paid for, a before and after image of a living room, another car and sign that it was bought because of Style Dots income.

Gina’s heart is warmed by stories like these that tell of how Style Dots has positively impacted the lives of our Boutique Partners. Betsy shows off her new car, Barbie tells us of the trips she has been able to take, Teresa gives us ‘Before and After’ photos of her house remodel, Dare displays her new car – all of these paid for with money earned from the Style Dots opportunity.