4 Ways to Wear Silver and Gold Together

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by Kim Hartman

You’ve got your favorite silver jewelry pieces and your favorite gold jewelry pieces—and never the twain shall meet, right?

Not anymore! (Don’t worry—Oprah agrees.)

While it used to be that you did NOT mix gold and silvery jewelry, today we’re throwing off the (silver and gold) chains of fashion and declaring anything goes! Of course, as you venture out into this bold new jewelry universe, there are a few guidelines to follow.

Start with a Mixed Metal PieceStart with a Mixed-Metal Piece

The easiest way to break the mixed-metal barrier is to start with a mixed-metal piece! In fact, fashion experts agree that “having a few mixed metal pieces in your wardrobe is an easy way to make your accessories look more intentional and cohesive” (“Up Your Jewelry Game”). For example, the Style Dots Firenze Statement Dot features both gold and silver. You can easily style gold and silver earrings, bracelets, and rings around this mixed-metal Statement Dot. Try layering your pieces, making sure you balance the weight and tone of each piece.

Focus on an Accent Color

If you don’t have a mixed-metal piece, you can tie your gold and silver pieces together with a common accent color. Whether it’s from a natural rock or gemstone, find a color that you want to accentuate, and use that color to bind your jewelry together. With Style Dots, you can choose your favorite color and create a custom mixed-metal look that centers around it.

Create LayersCreate Layers and Use an Accent Color

When mixing gold and silver, layer your pieces to create visual interest. Combine longer necklaces with chokers; The Editorialist says to “choose thin chains with exciting details. Maybe one necklace has a charm, another has a few small diamonds, and another is a simple chain” (“How to Wear Mixed Metal Jewelry”). You can also layer several bracelets in different metals; try two or three different rings; if your ears are single pierced, and you want to give the illusion of multiple piercings, use ear cuffs. But be sure to balance your pieces visually—is one metal dominating the other? Decide what you think looks best and what makes you feel comfortable, then adjust accordingly.

Choose Jewelry in the Same Tone

When we talk about tone, we’re not talking about the tone of the metal, but rather the style or feel of the piece. How does a piece of jewelry make you feel when you wear it? Pretty and feminine? Tough and strong? When mixing gold and silver, determine the tone of each piece and then choose pieces with similar tones to wear together. If you’re unsure of how to determine the tone of your jewelry, check out our Get the Look webpage. Get the Look provides several different categories of styles of jewelry from the catalog, from boho to delicate to bold and more; you can start there for ideas on how to mix and match jewelry with the same tone.

However, the best part about mixing your gold and silver jewelry is that it keeps all your jewelry feeling fresh and new—and gives you so many more options as you customize your Style Dots interchangeable jewelry!

To get started mixing your own Style Dots silver and gold jewelry, visit StyleDots.com.