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Jemma Chains: Dainty, On-Trend, and Made for Layering

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Meet our Jemma Chains! This collection of on-trend, dainty chains is perfect for layering and creating your own unique look. With 10 different styles and three different finishes to choose from—not to mention several different lengths—you’re sure to find not just one, but hundreds of looks you love.

Choose Your Color

dainty chains

Mix your metals for a super on-trend look!

If you follow the trends, you already know that gold is back in style, silver never went out of style, and rose gold continues to be a favorite of just about everyone. And, of course, mixing metals is hugely on-trend right now.

So whether you’re a gold fan, a silver fan, or a rose gold fan, Style Dots’ line of Jemma chains has what you need. Stick to your favorite color finish, or get a few of each. Then follow the fashion experts and mix your metals by layering gold, silver, and even rose gold chains for this year’s trendiest look.

Choose Your Style

Our line of Jemma chains offers modern, on-trend, dainty chains in a variety of styles.

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    Style Dots’ line of on-trend, dainty chains

    Starburst Chain: This brand-new chain is extra sparkly due to specially wrought links that form tiny starbursts

  • Mixed Seed Chain: This is another new chain in our line that features a delicate silver-finish chain with tiny grooved gold-finish seeds for that trendy mixed-metal look
  • Paperclip Chain: This super-popular chain features paperclip-like links
  • Flatball Chain: This chain has flattened balls that reflect the light adding more shine
  • Twisted Chain: The links in this chain twist around catching the light for extra sparkle
  • Bezel and Multi Bezel Necklaces: These dainty necklaces feature clear crystals
  • Lapis Chain: This chain has delicate blue lapis beads
  • Mini Disc Necklace: This necklace features small silver discs that catch the light as they move and shake

Choose Your Length

Many of our Jemma chains come in a variety of lengths, from 16” to 20” to 28”. As you change your necklines or choose chains for layering, being able to pick chains of varying lengths is essential.

Also consider the fact that the longer the chain, the greater the versatility. For example, you can use a 28” Paperclip Chain as a long necklace or a multilayered bracelet (or anklet!).


dainty chains

Mix and match with slides, charms, pendants, and more!

Once you’ve determined color, style, and length, then the fun really begins! Mix and match your dainty chains for on-trend layering. Or add in Accents or Charms to create completely new looks and styles. Attach a Classic Original Pendant or Classic Dotlet Pendant to further customize with interchangeable snap Dots and Dotlets. The possibilities are literally endless!


To get started creating your own on-trend look with our line of Jemma chains, visit today.