graduation gifts for her

Graduation Gifts for Her: Jewelry Gift Guide

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graduation gifts for her

What are the top 2024 graduation gifts for her? After all, your graduate has worked hard, and you want to reward her with something really special. How about jewelry? Jewelry makes a beautiful graduation gift. It’s a gift that will hold meaning, it’s small for the graduate who is moving away or traveling, and it’s a constant reminder of your love and pride—every time she wears it, she’ll think of you!

What Are the Best Jewelry Graduation Gifts for Her?

The best jewelry graduation gifts for her really depends on your graduate! But make sure you get her something that’s going to last. That doesn’t mean you have to break your budget. As advises, “Fine jewelry is not as expensive as you might think—you can get something nice for less than $100” (“The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Jewelry”). For example, Style Dots jewelry uses premium alloys and .990 deep-silver finish; our Couture interchangeable snap accents use genuine Swarovski and Austrian crystals. And every piece is backed by an industry leading 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

So what else should you consider when deciding on the best jewelry graduation gifts for her?

graduation gifts for herWhat finish jewelry does your graduate wear now?

When choosing jewelry graduation gifts for her, consider what kind of jewelry your graduate wears now. Does she like gold or silver? Or is she into the trendy mixed metal look? At, you can use filters to search for pieces in gold, silver, or rose gold. We also have several mixed-metal pieces. And, of course, you can choose necklaces that are good for layering to create that trendy mixed-metal layered look.

What is your graduate’s style?

As you consider jewelry graduation gifts for her, think about your graduate’s style. While this could be your graduate’s jewelry style, it’s also her overall fashion sense. Do her clothes and accessories reflect someone who is bold and likes to make a statement? Or is she quirky and fun and her own person? Or maybe her style is simple and clean. Whatever her style, her jewelry should reflect that.

Style Dots has several different jewelry collections that reflect different styles and personalities. The Bling Collection is for the graduate who likes a bit of flash; it has a lot of sparkle and crystals.

The Forged Collection embraces the popular hammered silver look for the graduate who has a more boho chic style.

graduation gifts for herHave a graduate with a little bit of an edge? Check out our Leather Collection. And for the graduate who loves the super popular dainty layering jewelry, our Jemma Collection will be just what she’s looking for.

You can find these and more under Collections at

What kind of jewelry does your graduate like?

Another consideration for jewelry graduation gifts for her is the kind of jewelry your graduate likes. Does she mostly wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings? Or does she love them all equally? Depending on your budget, you can get your graduate a jewelry set—like the weekly Live Looks with new exclusives released each week. Or you can shop by jewelry type. Style Dots has categories for necklacesearringsbracelets, and rings. And don’t forget birthstones! You can create a custom piece of birthstone jewelry for your graduate with our birthstone slides.

No matter what graduation gift for her you get for your graduate, if you give it with love, she is going to cherish it forever as she embarks onto the next phase of her life!

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This is an update of an article previously published April 26, 2023.