Mothers day gifts

Mothers Day Gifts 2024: Finding the Perfect Gift

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Mother’s Day 2024 is May 12. Which means Mothers Day gifts! While we love the opportunity to celebrate mothers, we also use this day to celebrate all the women we know who have made our lives better and more special.

And, of course, you should also take some time to celebrate YOURSELF!

Trust us: you don’t need to have the official title of “Mom” to have earned that right. All women have “mothered” someone at some point in their life, whether you realize it or not!

So go ahead. Get yourself a little something special.

Want a few tips for the perfect Mothers Day gifts—whether it’s for you or someone else? Then keep reading!

What Mothers Day Gifts Does Every Woman Want?

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Sadly, two of the most popular gifts—flowers and chocolate—are just short-lived symbols of the endearing love you feel for the most special, often least celebrated women in your life.

Why not look for a gift that will endure as long as your love? That truly celebrates how much your mom—or auntie, or sister, or grandmother, or bestie—means to you?

Is Jewelry Good for Mothers Day Gifts?

Not only is jewelry a good Mother’s Day Gift, it’s a GREAT Mother’s Day Gift! Jewelry won’t die after a few days; jewelry won’t get eaten and forgotten; jewelry will get worn and cherished for years to come—and every time your loved one wears it, she’ll think of you and how much she means to you.

Three Tips for Picking the Perfect Mothers Day Gifts

1. Decide on your budget.

Giving your mom or loved one the gift of jewelry doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget out of the water. On the website, you can filter your selections by price. So put in your budget, and see what comes up? Anything stand out to you? If you want to filter it even more, you can add in additional filters like type of jewelry and even color!

Mothers Day gifts

If you know your budget and the type of jewelry your mom likes—and/or even her favorite color—you’ll easily be able to find the perfect piece for her!

2. Think about your special someone’s personality and preferences.

Mothers Day gifts

Style Dots Pearl Collection

Jewelry should reflect the person’s personality; this might mean how she acts in public, the types of clothes she wears, or even the kind of music she listens to. Is she quiet and understated? Is she bold and always the center of attention? Does she like a little bling? Or is she more boho chic?

Style Dots has several different collections that align with different types of personalities: BlingEstateForgedDiamondette, and more! Each collection features a distinct style that will appeal to a specific type of woman.

You’ll also want to consider if your mom or special someone wears more gold jewelry or more silver jewelry? Style Dots interchangeable jewelry comes in both silver and gold finishes, so you’ll want to choose a set that matches her preference. If you’re not sure, you can even find jewelry that has both silver and gold!

3. Get her all-new Mother’s Day exclusives.

Mothers Day gifts

Mom 2024 Interchangeable Snap Dots

We’re not gonna lie: This is probably the easiest tip! If you just want to go directly to “what’s new and hot,” check out the Mother’s Day exclusives.

Style Dots just dropped some brand-new jewelry that is perfect for your loved one!

Our Mom Dots are for the mom who is excited and proud of her role as MOM! These beautiful Dots feature bright spring flowers with the word “MOM” showcased across the center in a banner. With interchangeable snap Dots in Statement, Original, and Dotlet sizes, there’s something for every mom and every kind of Foundation. Find a favorite Live Look using the Mom Dots and get her an entire look to go with her new Dots!

Mothers Day gifts

Disc Necklace and Discs

For the woman who wants something a little more subtle, our all-new Disc Necklace is a brand-new Style Dots Collection. It features a whole new way of creating custom looks!  The Disc Necklace is a locket-style necklace that holds decorative discs. Just take the chain out of the pendant bail, open the pendant, pop in one of the decorative discs, and close. Put the pendant back on the chain, and voila! You’ve got an all-new look for your necklace! You can choose between five decorative discs. And the discs are also compatible with our Hoop Earrings! Wow!

Ultimately, no matter what you decide, if you follow even one of these three tips, you’re certain to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift that your mom or loved one will cherish and remember for many, many years—far longer than flowers or chocolate!

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