I’m Helping Women Succeed and Live up to Their Potential Now

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I am a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist but when my first child was born I decided to stay home and care for him.  Two more children came and I completely immersed myself in my children’s lives.  When they started school I volunteered for absolutely everything school related; room parent, cub scouts, chaperone for band trips and cheerleading events. When our youngest was in high school I was volunteering there so many hours and in so many capacities that many people thought I worked there.  At one point I realized that there was nothing I was doing for myself, I was doing it all for the kids.  I knew that soon they would be graduating and moving out of the house and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, what am I going to do?’  Then I figured out that I’d like to do something for myself!

Devoting herself entirely to her beautiful family during their growing-up years, La Rae decided to join Style Dots as a way of doing something for herself once her children graduated from school.

I looked into a couple of different businesses and then checked out direct sales and I’ve never looked back.  Some people I knew and trusted had joined Style Dots so I had the advantage of them doing research into the company for me.  When I learned more about the products Style Dots offered, I loved the concept of interchangeability, of having one product and being able to create several different looks with it.  This unique design allowed me to be able to pack only one necklace and a couple of Dots for travel and have them be able to match everything in my suitcase.  And so, I joined Style Dots.

I had heard people say that Style Dots has fabulous training and I’ve learned that it’s true.  It’s not just training on how to sell, it’s training for the whole person; for confidence, for getting out of debt, for getting everything you want from this business.  Plus, the training is all online, geared for every level of direct sales experience, and there are awards that can be earned for completing different training levels.  Should you aspire to it, there is also Leadership training for those who want to grow a team.

The second thing I discovered about Style Dots was the amazing sisterhood.   I’ve never had a sister so having so many ladies that have my back was wonderful.  And it didn’t even matter what team they were on or where they lived, they were still so encouraging and supportive.  On a leadership trip to Riviera Maya, I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t walk far and Gina, our co-founder, had arranged a golf cart to get me to the resort.  When I arrived I saw only a few people that I knew,  but everyone was so welcoming!  As an extra special touch, there was a gift from the owners waiting for me with my name on it!  That’s just one example of the care and integrity that the owners, Karen and Gina, put into this company – they are right there with you and they are so real.

For La Rae, encountering a true Sisterhood and being able to help other women reach their potential were wonderful bonus benefits she gained when she joined Style Dots.

I was a full-time mom but now I’m doing something for me.  I really enjoy doing this. I’m out there talking to everyone and continuing to spread the word about Style Dots and the wonderful opportunity/ jewelry they offer and sharing how happy it makes me and how happy it makes so many others.  I can really say that I’m living life on my terms; something different, something fun!

I’ve been asked why I didn’t go back to being a therapist after my children graduated from school.  I joke with them I’m in retail therapy now.  But, joking aside, I’m really still helping women and still using my skills, just in a different way now.  I still set up appointments with people, but it’s on my schedule. I’m helping women feel beautiful and confident, coordinate their jewelry with their outfits and helping them get ready quicker.  Plus there’s the team aspect, now I’m helping women succeed and live up to their potential with Style Dots.


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