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Jewelry Subscription for the Millennial Woman

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Style Dots has recently launched Jemma Jewelry Box, a monthly jewelry subscription box for the millennial woman. This exciting new offering gives subscribers a curated selection of simple and dainty jewelry—delivered right to their door every month!
jewelry subscription

The Welcome Box includes hoop earrings, two interchangeable Dotlets, a slide chain, and a reversible heart slide.

Jemma Jewelry Subscription Box

For just $34.95 and FREE shipping, subscribers get exclusive, on-trend jewelry delivered directly to their doorstep. Jemma Jewelry Box offers pieces that are perfect for layering or creating that on-trend minimalist look. Subscribers’ first month includes over $112 in jewelry, including interchangeable earrings and a slide chain.
With the monthly subscription box, Style Dots provides an affordable and effortless way for women to stay on-trend and accessorize without spending hours looking for the perfect coordinating pieces. They’ve designed each piece in the box to throw on and go. This gives busy millennial women a range of versatile and trendy accessories they can wear anytime, anywhere.
jewelry subscription

Choose between a silver and gold finish for your Welcome Kit.

A Woman-Owned Company

As a woman-owned company, Style Dots understands the importance of offering high-quality, on-trend jewelry that can easily be interchanged to suit every style, personality, and occasion. The Jemma Jewelry subscription box demonstrates the company’s  commitment to providing trendy, versatile accessories to their customers.
In a crowded market of budget, costume-quality jewelry, Style Dots sets itself apart by providing affordable, high-quality pieces with an industry-leading one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects. Every piece is lead, cadmium, and nickel free so its jewelry is safe and won’t tarnish.

Simple and Dainty Jewelry

With the Jemma Jewelry subscription, Style Dots offers a convenient and affordable way for the busy woman to stay on-trend and express her personal style. Subscribers can look forward to receiving monthly deliveries of simple and dainty jewelry. With free shipping and the option to cancel anytime, the Jemma Jewelry subscription box is a must-have for every millennial woman!

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