New Year party accessorizing

New Year Party Accessorizing: Celebrate in Style!

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The year is coming to an end, and you know what that means? Parties! While celebrating the past year with family and friends can be exciting and fun, if you’re stressed about what you’re going to wear or your New Year Party accessorizing, it puts a damper on the end-of-year festivities.

Our high-quality, affordable interchangeable jewelry makes accessorizing for all your New Year festivities so easy. Here are 7 looks curated by our in-house jewelry designer to accessorize your New Year party ‘fits.

new year party accessorizing

Purple Pandemonium

New Year Party Accessorizing: Purple Pandemonium

Wear with: Black, white, silver, yellow, orange, lime green
Wear to: galas, soirées, family parties, casual get-togethers

Combining the modern pearl with silver sparkles and pops of purple, this New Year’s look is just as great for fancy affairs as a casual game night.

Start with a Short Slide Chain and Amethyst Birthstone Slide. Then layer with the Rice Pearl Layering Necklace and Silver Starburst Chain.

Finish your look with Classic Dotlet Earrings and two interchangeable Purple Grace Dotlets.

Perfectly purple!

New Year party accessorizing

Silver Sparkles

New Year Party Accessorizing: Silver Sparkles

Wear with: any color, but pairs particularly well with black, red, or blue
Wear to: galas, soirées, dinner parties, anything hosted at an upscale hotel

This classic look takes your accessorizing to the next level with a focus on pearls and crystals.

Create a necklace stack with the 17” Flat Ball Chain, followed by the Rice Pearl Layering Necklace, and the Pearl Dotlet Necklace with the interchangeable White Jessica Dotlet.

Complete this glamorous look with our Pearl Dotlet Earrings and two interchangeable Pearl Dotlets.

So sparkly!

New Year party accessorizing

Pink Perfection

New Year Party Accessorizing: Pink Perfection

Wear with: black, white, pink, yellow, purple
Wear to: casual parties with friends, family gatherings, game nights

Nothing says party like a pop of pink! And this arm party brings all the fun and sparkle.

Create an eye-catching bracelet stack with the Silver Pavé Beaded Bracelet and the Classic 3-Dot Original Toggle Bracelet.

Add your pink bling with three interchangeable Original Dots: Fuchsia AlanaPink Twinkle, and Pink Nova.

It’s a pink party!

New Year party accessorizing

Beaded Bliss

New Year Party Accessorizing: Beaded Bliss

Wear with: any color, but will look especially stylish with black or red
Wear to: galas, soirées, family parties, casual get-togethers

This versatile beaded bracelet stack can be worn with anything, anywhere!

Start with the Silver Pavé Beaded Bracelet. Then layer on the Statement Beaded Bracelet with the interchangeable Monochrome Nova Statement Dot.

Now that’s a statement!

New Year party accessorizing

Trendy Teardrop

New Year Party Accessorizing: Trendy Teardrop

Wear with: black, white, silver, blue, pink, yellow
Wear to: galas, soirées, family parties, casual get-togethers

Pavé crystals, beads, and paperclip chains are so on-trend right now!

This curacted bracelet stack will dazzle! Begin with the Silver Pavé Beaded Bracelet followed by the Original Paperclip Bracelet.

Then add additional sparkle with the Pearlized Teardrop Accent (attach it with an Accent Triggerless Clasp) and the Classic Original Pendant with the interchangeable White Jessica Original Dot.

Dazzle for days!

New Year party accessorizing

Fringe Frenzy

New Year Party Accessorizing: Fringe Frenzy

Wear with: any color
Wear to: galas, soirées, dinner parties, anything hosted at an upscale hotel

Get ready to show off all the bling!

The Silver Starburst Chain is your first layer, followed by the Bling Fringe Slide on our Slide Chain. Add in the Bling Fringe Earrings, and you’re ready to celebrate.

Bling away!

New Year party accessorizing

Silver & Gold

New Year Party Accessorizing: Silver & Gold

Wear with: black, white, gold, silver, red
Wear to: galas, soirées, dinner parties, anything hosted at an upscale hotel

This mixed-metal necklace stack will shine brighter than New Year’s fireworks!

Create your first layer with the Gold Classic Dotlet Necklace and the interchangeable Gold Medallion Dotlet.

Add a sparkly second layer with the Bling Fringe Slide and Slide Chain. Then finish off your necklace stack with the 28” Gold Paperclip Chain.

Complete your look with the Bling Fringe Earrings.


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